2012 Sites Like Craigslist Update

A much anticipated update is here! Here are the hottest alternatives base on global Alexa ranking:

1. Backpage

2. Gumtree

3. Oodle

4. US Free Ads

5. Sell.com

6. Geebo

Backpage has overtaken Gumtree in overall popularity. Over four years, Oodle has increased in popularity. Kijiji completely fell off the map. Sell.com has slightly increased, and Geebo made a new introduction into the market. While these are the top site like Craigslist, keep in mind they only receive a fraction of the traffic that Craigslist does but if you’re looking to expose your product to a larger market, these are great additions. They certainly are not even alternatives though. I plan on introducing more targeted sites like Craigslist based on the items the seller is trying to promote in the near future. Enjoy the list, and good luck selling!

Oodle surges in popularity as other sites like Craigslist decline in traffic

Oodle received some great coverage from many news sources today. Walmart announced that they are opening a classified section that is powered by Oodle. Alexa traffic rankings suggest the rest of the “sites like craigslist” competitors are losing popularity, while Oodle’s traffic is surging. This is not surprising considering well over 100 million people shop with Walmart on a weekly basis. Oodle is now the #1 choice when seeking sites like Craigslist. Kijiji follows a close second in online classified ads.

A Site Like Craigslist

The Experiment: Ebay Vs Craigslist Vs Sites Like Craigslist

Okay, so you landed here looking for sites like Craigslist. I scoured the net for nearly every possible Craigslist alternative, which you can find by heading to the navigation bar on the right. These alternative classifieds appear to be pulling in decent amounts of traffic with their respectable Alexa traffic rankings, however, I decided to go a step further and actually experiment with all the sites like Craigslist.

The “Sites Like Craigslist” Experiment:

Test Subjects: Craigslist | RANKED List of Sites Like Craigslist | Ebay

Objective: To determine the effectiveness of Craigslist alternatives, and how much traffic they can bring to my 1999 Acura Integra GS-R for sale.

Hypothesis: The Ranked List of Sites Like Craigslist will generate more hits than Craigslist, followed by Ebay, and then Craigslist.

The Test:

I placed an ad for my 1999 Acura Integra GS-R on Craigslist, the ranked list of alternatives, and Ebay (I reserved the right to end my Ebay auction early). In every ad, I included a link to separate “hit pages” that contained further images and details of the car for sale. The links were not active, in order to view the “hit pages” they had to be copied and pasted in the address bar in the web browsers. I did this because not every site allowed actual hyperlinks, and I wanted to isolate as many variables as possible. I tracked the results through AWStats, a Cpanel statistics app provided by my web host. This tracked the amount of unique visitors that went to these pages.

The Results:

After 3 Days, AWStats reported these results:

Craigslist: 24 Hits (3 E-Mail inquiries)

Ranked List of Sites Like Craigslist: 9 Hits (3 E-Mail inquiries)

Ebay: 78 Hits (16 EBay questions)


EBay is the most effective method for selling automobiles, if you are willing to pay $40 for a listing. Craigslist is still the #1 free classified, and is more effective than all the other sites like Craigslist COMBINED.

Since elementary school, I’ve been taught to repeat my test. I intend on performing more experiments in the future when I come across something I need to sell. The results are a bit disappointing, but I still believe that it’s worth posting your classifieds on the sites like Craigslist that I’ve pointed out on my website. Extra exposure cannot hurt, especially if you are selling an unpopular item.

Ebay Runs A Top Ranking Classified Site

You probably are aware that Ebay already offers free classified postings on their auction site, which can bring in a ton of traffic. However, you probably did not know that Ebay also owns one of the top ranking classified sites like Craiglist. I fail to see the logic behind this considering they own a 25% stake in Craigslist, but I’m sure they have great reasoning. If you have never visited this site before, I suggest browsing through. Some of their most popular searches are for dogs, cars, and personals. Ranking in around 3,500, this site, like Craigslist, is hauling in the traffic and has a fair amount of classified ads in all sections.
The Ebay Classifieds:
Kijiji - A site like Craigslist

Craigslist is slowly ghosting off the spam

After scavenging around the internet, I discovered that Craigslist updated their technology once again, without notice. Sites like Craigslist primarily rely on user submitted “flaggings” to remove unwanted spam ads. However, Craigslist also has an automatic flagging feature, that removes blatantly obvious spam. Apparently, they’ve been “ghosting” more ads in their more popular sections of the site that tend to get cluttered with affiliate links. When a Craigslist user’s ad is ghosted, it disappears from the ad section without notice of removal. Most sites like Craigslist are lacking this feature. Apparently, they are now ghosting ads in certain sections that have hyperlinks included in the post. Before, they allowed hyperlinks, but did not allow affiliate links. It seems that now they are attempting to remove hyperlinks altogether. Craigslist has been trending up in traffic, while most of the sites like Craiglist are flatlining or slightly declining.

Google Taps in the “Classified” Market

It’s been around for quite a while, but has been revamped. It is not necessarily like Craigslist, but it does offer posting and searching, what else do you need? It does get a decent amount of traffic, and is worth posting your ad. It conveniently locates the item for sale on a map, which is a nice perk. Google has the money and technology to eventually outperform Craigslist. I suggest bookmarking it. If you are looking for a site like, or even better than Craigslist, try out Google Base.
Google Base Like Craigslist

Myspace Classifieds

I’m not exactly thrilled to offer this as a Craigslist alternative, simply because I dislike Myspace. Depending on what you are selling though, you can get a ton of exposure. Myspace caters more to a younger age group, but you never know who’s looking at the classifieds. Myspace is in the Top 10 Most Visited Websites on the internet, so their classified section is getting a respectable amount of traffic. Their interface is extremely simple and easy to use. If you are looking for a site like Craigslist, you are getting one. However, I still believe there are many other better alternatives out there such as Oodle.

Myspace Classifieds

Backpage – High Traffic Site Like Craigslist

Ah, this website has a traffic ranking in the top 2k websites. Like Craigslist, it also has the much desired adults classified section along with any other section you can imagine. Backpage begins at the front page, where you pick your local location, and then work from there. Posting and viewing is absolutely free, and there is little to no ad content. This seems to be a nice, well established clone of Craigslist that is definitely worth posting on. They have a “popular search” link, which seems to indicate the most popularly searched items are dogs and IPods. Interested yet?
Backpage Like Craigslist

Oodle – Look out Craigslist

Oodle is ranked 5,500 in Alexa Site Traffic. It posts your ad on many high traffic classified sites, and has a very simple interface. It is a search engine that scans THOUSANDS of classified ad sites to find what you are looking for, and you can localize your search. Oodle is not so much like Craigslist because it brings in traffic from several sources. I personally love this site and even recommend it as an alternative to Craigslist. If you are looking for a classified program like Craigslist that will get you the same amount of traffic, or will provide you with the same amount of results, check out Oodle.
A Site Like Craigslist

Adpost.com – Like Craigslist & More

I’m not a big fan of sites that claim to get your classified ad published at thousands of other sites, but I’m making an exception with this site. The thousands of sites they are getting published to are affiliate sites with basically exactly the same content. These sites usually are not getting many hits, so I’m not sure if the featured ads are worth it or not. Basic listing is free, and then featured postings that get advertised at all their affiliate sites cost around $10. I like Craigslist because they are 100% free, and I’m a bit skeptical of sites that charge your for ads, but once again this might be another worthwhile site like Craigslist.

site like craigslist