Craigslist is slowly ghosting off the spam

After scavenging around the internet, I discovered that Craigslist updated their technology once again, without notice. Sites like Craigslist primarily rely on user submitted “flaggings” to remove unwanted spam ads. However, Craigslist also has an automatic flagging feature, that removes blatantly obvious spam. Apparently, they’ve been “ghosting” more ads in their more popular sections of the site that tend to get cluttered with affiliate links. When a Craigslist user’s ad is ghosted, it disappears from the ad section without notice of removal. Most sites like Craigslist are lacking this feature. Apparently, they are now ghosting ads in certain sections that have hyperlinks included in the post. Before, they allowed hyperlinks, but did not allow affiliate links. It seems that now they are attempting to remove hyperlinks altogether. Craigslist has been trending up in traffic, while most of the sites like Craiglist are flatlining or slightly declining.